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10.7 is the kilometric name of a Mediterranean beach which brings together the whole palette of blues, it is also an audiovisual production company created in 2011 by Victor Robert.

After having produced the “Faites tourner” collection for Canal + for several years, the company, headed by Victor ROBERT, has been strengthening its structure and developing its field of action since August 2017.

Single documentary films or collections, digital and institutional content, 10.7 is continuing its development today with fiction, magazine and format projects, films of international ambition and the diversification of its distribution partners.

Our team

Victor Robert - 10point7

Victor Robert

President of 10.7

Journalist for CAPA agency from 1998, he worked for “Nulle Part Ailleurs” then became editor-in-chief of the “Vrai Journal” before taking the management of the agency’s editorial staff until 2008. He worked for the Canal + group. information and culture for several years, he produced and presented such as “L’Effet Papillon”, “Ca se Dispute”, “Le journal des Bonnes Nouvelles”, “Pop Com”, and finally the “Grand Journal”, until 2016. He created 10.7 productions in 2011 and produced unit or collection documentary films, reports, digital and institutional content.

Cathy Palumbo - 10point7

Cathy Palumbo


After a course in political science and a postgraduate degree in audiovisual, Cathy Palumbo began her career in documentary production in 2005, working on the series “Arts du myth” for Arte, and has since collaborated with various companies in production. Today she specializes in artistic, cultural and societal documentaries.

Laurent Dy

Executive producer

Laurent Dy joined 10.7 as executive producer after working as a journalist-producer in several newsrooms. He first produced numerous documentaries, major reports and investigations for France Télévision, with Bangumi, or Capa, before managing as editor-in-chief, documentaries and magazines for all the major French channels, in several press agencies.

Blandine Bernhard - 10point7

Blandine Bernhard

Production manager

Mathilde Le Postec - 10point7

Mathilde Le Postec

Production manager

Maria Torres - 10point7

Maria Torres

Production manager assistant

Heloise Brannens - 10point7

Héloïse Brannens

Production manager assistant

Charlotte Espel - 10point7

Charlotte Espel

Development officer

Alexis Mouthu - 10point7

Alexis Mouthu

Development officer

Christine Rousée

Administrative and Financial Director