Don’t miss female students on a minefield this Thursday, February 1 at 11pm on France 3 Île-de-France!

If female students are 5 times more victims of sexist and sexual violence than the average woman, could it be that universities are a minefield? Charlotte Espel talks to 5 female students and doctoral students, victims of harassment or rape, who are fighting to ensure that violence is no longer swept under the carpet.

The figures are edifying. According to the Observatoire des violences sexuelles et sexistes dans l’enseignement supérieur, 1 in 10 female students in France has been the victim of sexual assault during her studies. 1 student in 20 has been raped. 60% of students have experienced or witnessed at least one incident of sexual or gender-based violence. 45% of students have no access to any anti-violence or support services within their institution.

In the wake of the “Sciences Porcs” scandal at the beginning of 2021 and recent investigations into the extent of rape and sexual assault at Centrale Supelec and business schools, more and more students are reporting cases of sexual harassment or assault.

What are the consequences for the human psyche? How can they rebuild their lives? How do public authorities respond to the prevention and treatment of such violence?

Charlotte Espel’s poignant documentary sheds light on this little-known social drama and the work of the associations that are trying to break the omerta.

10.7 productions / Cathy Palumbo & Victor Robert