Troubled teens in the USA: the prison-school scandal

Sunday November 26 at 11:10pm on M6, don’t miss the new issue of Enquête exclusive on the Troubled Teen Industry in the USA.

In the USA, 200,000 teenagers a year fall prey to this controversial industry. These private reformatories, which are supposed to help troubled youngsters, use extreme and sometimes inhumane methods. Isolation, torture, humiliation… a chilling reality.

Sold as “attack therapies”, these practices promise to “reform” bodies and minds through discipline and suffering. But at what price? Thousands of families pay fortunes, even mortgaging their homes, in the hope of “healing” their children… a dream that turns into a nightmare.

With a market estimated at $50 billion a year, this industry operates without legislation or proper control, leaving teenagers and their families hopelessly trapped and broken.

But today, a revolt is organizing. Led by survivors like the famous Paris Hilton, who shares her traumatic experience in her documentary “This Is Paris”, a resistance movement is rising up against these “centers of shame”.

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