Close to them, a poignant documentary on France 3

Join us on November 23, 2023 for the broadcast of “Close to them” by Réjane Varrod, on France 3 Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne et Lorraine.
The film is also available for replay on the France.TV website.

This documentary offers an insight into the innovative Psy Mobile system, a mobile service staffed by psychologists dedicated to providing immediate assistance to women who have been victims of domestic violence. More than just psychological care, Psy Mobile offers comprehensive support, including crucial legal advice. These mental health professionals hear the stories of women for whom the home has become a source of terror.

The documentary highlights the strength and courage of the women who, thanks to the program, regain a voice, regain possession of their life story, and free themselves from guilt. An essential film in this week of the fight against violence against women.

10.7 productions / Cathy Palumbo & Victor Robert

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