Alice Guy, conqueror of the 7th Art

Directors: Nathalie Masduraud, Catel Muller, Valérie Urrea, José-Louis Bocquet
Running time: 52min
Channel: Arte
Year: Avril 2021


Who knows Alice Guy? This Frenchwoman born in 1873 is no less than the first woman director! The one who felt, imagined, envisioned that cinema would become an art and the best way to tell stories. Despite nearly a thousand films, the densest career of her times -the only one pursued on both sides of the Atlantic!-, this pioneer was literally erased by film historians during her lifetime. This film paints the fascinating portrait of an ardent and visionary woman, who never ceased to conquer new territories, only to end with one last dream: reconquering her own destiny. It finally gives voice to her version of her story and reclaim her place in history.
Based on Guy’s personal and unpublished archives, Guy’s films, period archives and animated illustrations by French comics artist and illustrator Catel Muller.