Video and recording for Komposite

Production of a video for Komposite and recording of their annual convention on September 6, 2022 at the Potocki hotel.

Under the theme “What future for 2030?”, they shared their most ambitious ideas and proposals for our common future.

Back in video on their visions of the world in 2030!

With Harry Zarrouk, David DARIOUCH, Bruno Buffenoir, François Bodin, Laurent Frederic, Samuel Noblot, Bruno PICARD, Christophe Auberger, Florence Ropion, Gabrielle Schmitz, Sebastien Verger, Nicolas COMBARET, Sophie Troistorff

Thanks to Komposite but also Citrix, Dell Technologies, Fortinet, Huawei Enterprise France, Nutanix France, Oracle and Rubrik, Inc.