No sex!

Duration: 5 x 20 ’

Release date: November 2021

Broadcaster: France Télévisions Numériques ( Slash)

Director: Marion Vaqué-Marti


Is it revolutionary today to state publicly that one has no sexual desire? That is, at least, the question asked by our witnesses, Hervé, Mahé, Melissa, Letty and Jérémy. As 50 years of the sexual revolution have freed speech and practice, a new generation of men and women are clamoring for the right to be free from sexual desire without judgment and compassion.

“No Sex” is a moment in their journey, which gives a glimpse of possible lives, far from the norm. Since time and society give everyone the opportunity to proclaim their uniqueness, asexuals have their place in this movement where everyone seeks to invent their life, more or less in accordance with pre-existing models.