France 2 : « Prehistory in Asia: the human adventure »

Title : Prehistory in Asia: the human adventure

Duration : 74′

Broadcast : France 2

Director: Thomas Cirotteau

Producer : Victor Robert


“Prehistory in Asia: the human adventure” lifts the veil on the most recent scientific discoveries used by Jacques Malaterre and Yves Coppens to create their work “The Last Secrets of Mankind”.

In the vast landscapes of prehistoric Asia, up to 6 human species coexisted. Nowhere else in the world has such a rich diversity been uncovered. A unique situation revealed by exceptional discoveries of fossil skulls and genetic analyses inconceivable only a decade ago. For a very long time, scientists had an image of very homogeneous, static human evolution. The latest discoveries reveal a far more complex picture!

Thanks to discoveries made on excavation sites and in laboratories, researchers are now revealing the story of this distant epic. Our present still resonates with the adventures of these human peoples in Asia, and this prehistory teaches us as much about our past as it does about our future.