France 3: Sardou – Self-portrait

Title : Sardou – Autoportrait

Duration : 115’

Broadcast: France 3

Director : Nicolas Maupied

Producers : Victor Robert and Cathy Palumbo


Michel Sardou is an icon of French chanson. The last giant of popular variety, his hits have been part of French life for six decades, and are now part of our national heritage. His songs are part of our collective memory.

October 2023: Michel Sardou’s tour kicks off. 60 sold-out dates across France, Switzerland and Belgium, to meet an ever-increasing public, who are always ready to meet their idol. To mark the occasion, Michel Sardou agreed to take part in an exclusive documentary and a candid interview. He confided twice, at his home in Normandy, to Augustin Trapenard, someone he appreciates and whose talent for going beyond clichés and masks is well known. These two interviews are the common thread running through the film. In this self-portrait, there are no witnesses. Sardou, and only Sardou. His words take us to the heart of his life and career, from his birth into a family of acrobats to his status as an indisputable popular singer.