Fanny Ardant, Birth of a passion to discover on Arte !

The new film by director William Karel will be broadcast on Wednesday, September 27th, at 10:40 PM on Arte.

Won’t you be able to be in front of your television that evening? No worries! The documentary is already available online.

Throughout her long career, Fanny Ardant has won 2 César awards, directed several films, and triumphed on the stage in over 40 plays. She has worked with directors like Resnais, Antonioni, Costa-Gavras, and François Ozon. Most notably, François Truffaut, with whom she made her first two films: ‘The Woman Next Door’ and ‘Confidentially Yours.’ She later said about those years, ‘I entered into a waking dream; the spark of the encounter with François set everything on fire. That moment was the climax of my life.’ This passion revealed her to herself and to the world of cinema; she wanted to live intensely.

William Karel was a privileged witness to their love story, as he was a photographer on both film sets. For this documentary, he delves into his personal archives to tell the story of this top-tier, incandescent, and unconventional actress. A woman who never ceased to break free from conventions, and whose magnetism and non-conformity continue to illuminate our screens.

10.7 productions / Cathy Palumbo & Victor Robert

Co-production with Arte France

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