Motoball, Édith Chapin’s new film broadcast on France 3

Thursday October 19 on France 3 Grand Est at 10:55pm, don’t miss “Motoball“, the new film by Édith Chapin.

The film is already available online

This documentary plunges us into the unique world of Motoball – motorcycle soccer – through the lives of the players on France’s most successful team: SUMA. Jérémie, Quentin, Jean-Marc, Sébastien and Roman are undeniable local stars. Along with other club members, they all consider the club their “other family”. This year, they’ll be going all out to win the French Cup once again. Contrary to preconceived ideas, the film paints a portrait of a countryside bursting with energy, driven by passionate individuals who proudly bring their popular culture to life.

10.7 productions / Cathy Palumbo & Victor Robert

France 3 Grand Est

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