France 3: Close to her

Titre : Close to them

Durée : 52’

Diffuseur : France télévisions

Réal : Réjane Varrod

Production : Victor Robert, Cathy Palumbo


The documentary “Close to them” offers a full immersion into the unique Psy Mobile program offered by the association SOS Aide aux Habitants Bas-Rhin: traveling psychologists for victims of domestic violence. Psy Mobile is available to all women victims of domestic violence who are in serious danger, to provide them with emergency psychological care and legal support. This emergency care comes to victims who need it, without delay or formalities. Thanks to this service, victims can speak out again, reclaim their history, feel less guilty and regain confidence in others, thanks to a sympathetic, non-judgmental ear. The film gives a voice to these victims, for whom the home is no longer a safe place.

Directed by: Réjane VARROD
Music : Jean-Philippe Nevers
With the support of the Region Grand Est and the Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’image animée
Broadcast November 23 on France 3