M6, Rejoué, how to bring our childhood toys back to life

Length : 90’

Release date : November 2023

Diffuser : M6

Réal : – 

Production : Victor Robert


Did you know that every year, more than 100,000 tonnes of toys are thrown away, the equivalent of 2,000 airplanes? To deal with this waste, women and an association are reinventing our relationship with toys thanks to “upcycling”, recycling, which brings life and a little magic back to objects from our childhood.

Laura can no longer bear to buy her two children toys that they abandon after a few months. From now on, she collects damaged or abandoned toys in order to restore them. An initiative that will result in the upcoming opening of its own second-hand toy store!

The “Rejoué” association defends the same principle as Laura but, on a larger scale, while promoting the return to employment of people in difficulty….

Héléna, mother of three children, makes her daughters’ toys herself with recycled materials. She wants to give them not only toys, but also a story, to awaken their imagination. She also runs workshops to teach children how to repair their toys.

An event not to be missed to discover these inspiring initiatives, which literally re-enchant our daily lives!