France 2 : The Last Secrets of Humanity

Title :The Last Secrets of Humanity

Duration : 93’

Channel : France télévisions

Dir. : Jacques Malaterre

Producer : Victor Robert


20 years after the success of “The Odyssey of the Species”, more than 400 million spectators in the world, Yves Coppens (famous paleontologist) and Jacques Malaterre (author, director) wrote today a second opus, ” The Last Secrets of Humanity”. A fresco over more than a million years, from the borders of Mongolia to the borders of tropical China, from Homo erectus to Homo sapiens… revealing the most recent scientific discoveries on the origin of man. More than a journey through time, it is a real dive into the heart of our origins to which this film invites us. A real odyssey revealing what has made us the men of today.
Directed by: Jacques MALATERRE
Performers: Gong MENG LIN and Rong RONG DE
Music: Olivier PERROT, Timorée PEDRON and Kiran DAHAN
Screenplay: Yves COPPENS and Jacques MALATERRE
Editing: Sebastian PEREZ PEZZANI
Producer: Victor ROBERT – 10.7 Productions
Co-production: China Media Group
With the participation of France Télévisions and the LVMH group
Broadcast on August 25 at the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival