Baltimore: American Capital of Crime

Title : Baltimore: American Capital of Crime 

Length : 52’

Broadcast date : 28.11.2021

Diffuser : M6

Director : Matthew Gordon


A major industrial port, Baltimore was once renowned for its grandeur, its riches and its relaxed lifestyle. But successive economic crises have got the better of its former glory. Unemployment, once almost zero, has skyrocketed. Plagued by drug trafficking, violence, racism and inequality, the city is now on the brink of chaos. With 65% African Americans and a quarter of its population below the poverty line, Baltimore is home to gangs, like that of King “Rah”, a 21-year-old crack dealer. Baltimore suffered the “white flight”, the flight of whites from the city center to the peripheral suburbs transformed into ghettos of the rich, like that of Lutherville, where Lauren Corrigan organizes parties and social events attended by the great fortunes of the city. . In the heart of the city, however, a few isolated cases manage to get out of their condition, such as Rikky Vaughn, a former homeless person, now the boss of a restaurant chain and a millionaire.