France Tv Slash : Physio

Title: Physio

Duration: 52′

Broadcaster: France Tv Slash

Dir: Lazard Timsit

Producers: Pierre-Olivier Labbé and Victor Robert


“Where are we going out? Do you know the physio? Are you sure we’ll be able to get in?” If your Saturday night looks like this then this documentary is for you.

Through cross portraits of French physiognomists, stars but also unknown men and women, we will spend an exceptional night by their side, behind the scenes at the entrance to the clubs. We will see them accept people, reject others… We will understand the selection criteria, how they manage delicate situations and above all why they refuse so many people: men alone, in groups, unaccompanied, alcoholic people or under substances, dangerous profiles but also girls “who do not correspond to the establishment’s criteria”.

They will tell us the most memorable anecdotes of their career: when they were offered thousands of euros to enter, or when a shooting broke out. Behind the door of a nightclub hides things much more complex and disturbing than a simple dance floor, pretty girls or shots of tequila… Through this unique prism, you will know everything you always have wanted to know about the night world.

From the ultra-select Parisian club to the temple of electronic music via the nightclubs of the South of France, this documentary offers a sociological tour of France of the clubs, of the people who want to join them, of the criteria for being one, by the gaze and point of view of the physios. We will lift the veil on the myth that surrounds the entrance to a club.

“Do you want to watch this movie? How much are you ? Welcome. »