France 3 Occitanie : The new grisettes

Title: The new grisettes

Duration: 52′

Broadcast : April 14, 2022

Channel : France 3 Occitanie

Director : Réjane Varrod

Producers : Cathy Palumbo and Victor Robert


At the start of the pandemic, in March 2020, seamstresses in the Montpellier region mobilized to make masks. A call for “SOS masks” was launched on Facebook and very quickly, several seamstresses or designers from the region responded. A dozen and soon fifty women volunteer. The network is growing gradually and orders are pouring in.

Caroline Bouvier, seamstress, stylist, decides to go even further. With its entrepreneurial partners, it is setting up an innovative project: “the company of tomorrow”, united and collaborative. A “dream” place with workshops and jobs, a coworking space, a commercial area and associated events.

Thus begins the story of the collective “Les nouvelles grisettes”. A name that refers to the grisettes of Montpellier, these women of the people, the invisible ones, recognized for their know-how, who, still in the 19th century, gained their independence by working in textiles.

Réjane Varrod, the director, tells us about this wonderful adventure, born against the backdrop of the health crisis and which has become a real breeding ground for craftsmanship and creativity.

“Les nouvelles grisettes”, a documentary to see on Thursday April 14, 2022 at 11 p.m. on France 3 Occitanie and then in replay on the France Tv website.

With the help of the Occitanie Region, the CNC and the Procirep.

A co-production 10.7 productions and France Télévisions