Infrarouge : The roundup of notables

Title: The roundup of notables

Duration: 60’

Broadcast : March 23, 2022

Broadcaster : France 2 / Infrarouge

Director : Gabriel LeBomin


Eighty years ago, the convoy of March 27, 1942, nicknamed convoy number 1, was indeed the first convoy to deport Jews from France during the Second World War. Leaving from the Bourget-Drancy station, this convoy passed through the Royallieu camp, then the prisoners were deported to the Auschwitz extermination camp.

Anne Sinclair’s book “La rafle des notables” takes a personal and empathetic look at a tragic moment of the French Occupation and Collaboration. That of a little-known raid intended to arrest and then deport several hundred French Jews constituting an established intellectual elite. Gabriel Le Bomin offers a documentary adaptation combining both a subjective and objective reading of this historic event.

Beyond the testimony of the upset destinies of these men, this story includes a reflexive dimension, still necessary, on anti-Semitism, racism, the brutalization of men imposed by a totalitarian regime.


Gabriel Le Bomin directs films for the cinema such as “De Gaulle”, released in 2020 with Lambert Wilson and Isabelle Carré (after “Les Fragments d’Antonin”, “Insoupçonnable” and “Nos Patriotes”).

He has also produced historical and political documentaries, such as “Algerian War, the tear”, “Collaborations”, “Ve République, au cœur du Pouvoir”…

“La rafle des notables” explores an unknown event of the consequences of the Second World War in France, through the family story that Anne Sinclair brought to light while writing her book.