Tell me Iggy

Portrait from the inside, personal story of a universal artist, dialogue between the man and the icon, this film questions the one who hides behind the myth. From Jim to Iggy and from Iggy to Jim – the man he has (re)become – the journey of an extraordinary personality.

Originally, there was Sophie Blondy and her barred universe. For her “ Star of the day ”, she had decided to have Tchéky Karyo, Denis Lavant and… Iggy Pop play. A huge Lavant fan, Iggy agreed. Since then, a special bond has been forged with the director. So when she contacted him for a documentary about him, he not only lent himself to the game but he called his friends: Debbie Harry, Nick Kent, Johnny Depp… “ It’s a dive into his world, it’s It’s so strange and full of money bums who drive Rolls-Royce ! commented Victor Robert, the producer of “Tell Me Iggy”.

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Director : Sophie Blondy

Producers : Victor Robert et Pierre-Olivier Labbé

In preview on My Canal on May 16 and live on Canal + Docs on May 23 at 8:55 p.m.