Is Trump (really) done?

Duration : 90’

Release date : 2018

Diffuser : C8

Director : Nicolas Combalbert


Since the first day of his election, the American President has been a unique character in history: omnipresent, “manic-twitter”, without filter. We still wonder “how could this man have landed in the chair of the most powerful man on the planet? Controversial from all sides, from the four corners of the planet, will it still be standing in 2020? Is Trump (really) finished?

Documentary Collection (REALLY) ?

Duration : 12 x 90’ – Broadcaster :  C8

Theme :

The aim of this collection is to refresh political documentary.

Uniting political and societal documentaries through its rhythm and its aesthetic, the collection (REALLY)? is intended to be shared with as many people as possible. But this ambition never encroaches on the quality of the investigation and the content of the information.